Alden Shoe – Side Gore Slip On (LSW & LSBH)

Our latest Alden makeup is the Side Gore Slip On in burgundy and black shell cordovan. This reintroduction from deep in the Alden archives is our answer to those chunky square toed slip ons you see so often around town.

A great shoe for travel or for when you are late running out the door.


13 Responses to Alden Shoe – Side Gore Slip On (LSW & LSBH)

  1. What is the last on these?

  2. Hi,
    If an Aberdeen last in 9.5C fits perfectly, what would you suggest for this model, and would you have a burgundy available?

  3. Aldenの靴-サイドゴアスリップオン(LSW&LSBH)の在庫状況はいかがでしょうか。

  4. Are there nine halves of Dwith?

  5. Beautiful and sleek, good alternative to the LHS. Is this going to be a regular makeup at LS?

  6. Hi Tom

    Do u have black in size US 11 ?
    Are these shoes lined or unlined SHELL ?
    Also shipping to Singapore

  7. Hiroshi Satake (ヒロシ サタケ) on

    ALDEN SHOE-SIDE GORE SLIP ONのblackの購入を希望します。
    私のサイズはABERDEEN LASTで7.5 Eです。

    Dear Tom,
    I would like to buy ‘ ALDEN SHOE- SIDE GORE SLIP ON (black)’.
    My size is 7.5 on ABERDEEN LAST.
    Do you have stocks of my size?

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