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John Lobb x Paul Smith

John Lobb’s collaboration with designer Paul Smith has been the talk of the shoe world recently. Although our full order is slated to arrive in March 2013, we received a small run of JLxPS shoes just in time for the Christmas and New Year’s rush. Please contact us to check our current stock and our incoming stock.

Willoughby $1275.00, JLxPS shoe trees included
Westbourne $1295.00, JLxPS shoe trees included

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The Shiggy Shine

The “Shiggy Shine” by LSW’s Shig is quickly becoming the talk of the town. A hand polish is something that has yet to be offered here in Hawaii so news of Shig’s incredible service is creating a buzz throughout the local business community.

“Tweaking” is nothing new to Shig and we’re glad to have him tweak on polishing. Experimentation is the secret to his success as Shig can be seen trying out new combinations of polishes and creams behind the bar at LSW in order to perfect his Shiggy Shine.

The Shiggy Shine is a service that will be available at LSDT. For more information please feel free to shoot us an email at

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Alden Shoe – The LS8 Pack (LSW)

It’s incredible how fast time flies when you’re having fun!

8 years ago in 2004 Leather Soul opened its doors to the public in a humble space on the ground floor of the Topa Financial Center in Downtown Honolulu. Although things are quite different on the surface today (with a staff of 12 and a location in Waikiki and Beverly Hills), the same passion for sharing our love of shoes and fashion still is the driving force for our motivation.

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Waikiki & Beverly Hills

November 9, 2012

UK Trip Report V

Our next stop on our UK magical mystery tour was Drake’s London. We were graciously hosted by James Preistley who showed us next season’s selections even though we were late on ordering. So rest assured we will have a S/S13 Drake’s selection next year. Creative Director Michael Hill stopped by to say hi which was a nice surprise.

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Waikiki & Beverly Hills

November 6, 2012

UK Trip Report IV

Our next stop was a quick visit to our friends at Edward Green. It was a pleasure to see Hilary and Xavier again and to finally meet our liaison Helen in person.

Although we do not have pictures to show, please trust as when we say EG’s factory was quite impressive. Attention to detail was apparent at each and every step of the process which explains their extremely low 2% factory rejection rate.

We of course ended our visit with a trip to the newly renovated “2nds” room where we picked up 14 pairs to take back home as “omiyage” for the LS staff back home.

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