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Alden Shoe – #8 Pitt Boot (LSW)

Our Alden Pitt Boots continue to be one of our most coveted boots. The details of a double waterlock sole, antique edgetrim, and vintage inspired rubber heel are what make this boot the winner that it is.

It’s funny that we haven’t already released a #8 version of this boot but regardless of that we are happy to finally release it to you now.


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LSDT on 12/12/12

Today we had a small private blessing for LSDT and our staff by Kahu Kelekona Bishaw. Just before the blessing a light rain fell upon Downtown Honolulu. Amazingly, the rain stopped right after the blessing. Mahalo to Kahu Bishaw for bringing us good spirits and reminding us how blessed we all truly are.

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Waikiki & Beverly Hills

December 5, 2012

Quoddy – Boat Mocc with Wrap Sole (LSW & LSBH)

It may be winter around most parts of the world but in Hawaii it’s still perfect boat shoe weather. Our newest Quoddy model is the Boat Moccasin with Vibram handsewn wrap sole. This new sole is something only Quoddy could come up with and execute properly. A thin Vibram rubber sole is wrapped over the edges and handsewn into place. These boat shoes will feel like a part of you.


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John Lobb x Paul Smith

John Lobb’s collaboration with designer Paul Smith has been the talk of the shoe world recently. Although our full order is slated to arrive in March 2013, we received a small run of JLxPS shoes just in time for the Christmas and New Year’s rush. Please contact us to check our current stock and our incoming stock.

Willoughby $1275.00, JLxPS shoe trees included
Westbourne $1295.00, JLxPS shoe trees included

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