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Alden Shoes – Hampton Medallion Blucher (LSW)

Our latest Alden release is the Hampton Medallion Blucher, one of our three finalists in the shoe category in last year’s Alden design contest. RJF’s design was essentially a blucher version of our popular “SF Shoe,” a medallion balmoral.

Color #8 shell cordovan was chosen for its versatility, the Hampton was chosen for it’s classic dressy shape, and a single oiled waterlock sole was chosen for its comfort and utility. This will make the perfect “workhorse” shoe for the classy businessman.


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Waikiki & Beverly Hills

December 24, 2011

Quoddy – Opening Inventory (LSW & LSBH)

Since 1909 the Shorey family has been making handsewn moccasin footwear in Maine. We are proud to add another Made in the US brand, Quoddy, to our collection. The perfect casual “weekend” shoe, Quoddys continue to offer ultimate comfort and quality even after over 100 years in the business.

All of our Quoddy models are fully glove leather lined for maximum comfort.


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John Lobb – Jodhpur Boot (LSW)

The John Lobb Jodhpur Boot is a boot we just can’t keep in stock. A week in and we’re already almost sold out!

Originally designed as riding boots, John Lobb’s version has a classic wrap-around ankle strap with silver buckle.

Available in black museum or dark brown misty calf. MTOs are being accepted as well. Please contact us for more info.

(8695 Last, $1500.00, shoe trees included)

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Waikiki & Beverly Hills

December 22, 2011

Alden Leather Defender

We were so excited to learn about this new product from Alden that we ordered 500 bottles! Leather Defender is Alden’s answer to rain spots on shell cordovan. Personally formulated by the President and Owner of Alden Shoe, Art Tarlow, Leather Defender protects both shell cordovan and calfskin from rain and stains while making your shoes look great.

Unfortunately we can not ship these Internationally but please pick up a bottle (or 10) the next time you visit us. Your shoes will thank you.


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LSxSE Preview

Can’t wait to release this boot. I can guarantee it’s not for everyone, but it’s not intended for everyone. It’s a imitation cap toe on the Trubalance last with a tan wedge sole. We’ve chosen two colors, natural Chromexcel and black regina calf. It’s going to look so great with a pair of Iron Heart jeans…

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Saint Crispin’s – Combination 505 in Tan (LSW)

We love double monks and when we received these they really blew us away.

Our latest double monk strap is the Saint Crispin’s 505 on the classic last in a combination of Inca and crust leather. The saddle on this shoe really sets it apart from other double monk straps.

The 505 is currently available as a MTO.

($1700.00, lasted, hollowed shoe trees included)

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