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Drakes at LSW

Another perfect Christmas present or omiyage idea, a tie by Drakes.

Our full lineup of LS x Drakes ties will arrive for Spring/Summer 2012 but in the mean time our friends at the Armoury were gracious enough to send us some Christmas stock.

Come by to check out our selection.

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Waikiki & Beverly Hills

December 12, 2011

Alden Shoes – The Vanguard Boot (LSW & LSBH)

Our third LSBH Alden trunk show release is the Vanguard Boot, one of the three boot finalists in last year’s Alden design contest, designed and named by JR from New York.

Although it did not win, we thought it was a good idea so we offered it as a preorder after the contest. The combination of Horween brown chromexcel and brass eyelets really set this boot apart. We added a rubber Quabaug heel to the double waterlock leather sole for all day comfort on your feet.


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Our Newest LSW Staff Member

Our newest LSW staff member is the yet to be named mannequin residing in the LS Lounge. He’s currently wearing a Boglioli jacket, a Jantzen shirt, a Drakes tie, and a Kent Wang pocket square. A pair of Alden #990s finish off his look.

We’re taking suggestions for his name. If we choose your name we’ll send you a nice gift…

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Lamy at LSW

We’ve always marveled of how friends of ours such as GW and EN make a Lamy pen look so cool.

Just in time for Christmas, we present to you Lamy pens at LSW.

Ballpoint is $25, and rollerball is $30. Perfect for co-worker Christmas gift or omiyage for your buddy back home.

Shipping is free.

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Waikiki & Beverly Hills

December 10, 2011

Plaza Wingtip Boot x 2 (LSBH)

Two variations of our popular Alden Plaza Wingtip Boots were released for our LSBH Alden trunk show, one in natural chromexcel and the other in cigar shell cordovan. We’ve been having the cigar shell cordovan version every now and then since 2006, but the natural CXL version was a new release for us.

The “natty” version was actually a finalist in last years design an Alden contest by BM. Although it didn’t win, we thought it was a great idea so we decided to make it anyway.


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Waikiki & Beverly Hills

December 2, 2011

Quoddy at LS

We are pleased to announce that we are adding Quoddy to our lineup of exemplary brands of footwear. We will be featuring basics such as boat shoes and moccasin bluchers for your casual weekend wear.

Look for our opening inventory of Quoddy shoes to hit our stores within the next couple weeks. Winter may not be the best time to wear your Quoddys in NYC, but in Hawaii and LA we wear them year round.

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