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Alden Shoe Company

Middleborough, Massachusetts, Est 1884

Leather Soul Featured Brand: Alden Shoe Company

Founded in 1884, Alden Shoe Company is the last remaining New England shoe company specializing in handcrafted, goodyear welted men’s shoes and boots.

Still a family owned business, owner and President Art Tarlow is proud to continue the tradition of quality, made in the US footwear.


USA, EST 1998

Leather Soul Featured Brand: Briefing

BRIEFING was developed in 1998 as a luggage label whose mission is to pursue the true military specifications, while providing outstanding functional beauty. The designers behind Briefing are focused on the highest quality, durable, made in USA parts and are constantly thinking about how they could be incorporate functionality into bags used in ordinary urban settings.

New Balance

Leather Soul Featured Brand: New Balance

For more than 100 years, New Balance has been a brand focused on understanding the needs of athletes and designing products to match. From the early days of selling arch supports to police officers and waiters, to their current research with world-class athletes in their Sports Research Lab, New Balance has always been consumed by the body in motion and dedicated to Making Excellent Happen every single day.

Today New Balance holds the distinction as the only company that still manufactures athletic shoes in the USA. One out of every four pair of shoes sold in the US is made or assembled here.

Drake’s London

London, UK, EST 1977

Leather Soul Featured Brand: Drake's London

Founded in 1977 by Michael Drake, Jeremy Hull and Isabel Dickson, the original Drakes collection was comprised of mens quality scarves.  A range of English handmade ties and printed silk handkerchiefs quickly followed, and today Drakes is the largest independent producer of handmade ties in England.

Whitehouse Cox

West Midlands, UK, EST 1875

Leather Soul Featured Brand: Whitehouse Cox

Seeking out only the very best quality raw materials and combining them with the hand crafted manufacturing skills gained from 125 years of manufacturing experience, Whitehouse Cox continues the tradition of quality made British leathergoods today.


Perry, Maine, Est 1909

Leather Soul Featured Brand: Quoddy

In 1909 Harry Smith Shorey resolved to rise above his affliction with polio and start a business making footwear with handsewn moccasin construction inspired by the native American craft. His customers were local shoe purveyors (like LL Bean) and hunting and fishing guides who appreciated the comfort, durability, and natural feel of a true moccasin construction shoe.

Today the Quoddy workshop is located in Lewiston, the historical home of Maine shoe manufacturing, where moccasin footwear is still being made by hand. The headquarters and heart of the company remains in Perry, on the shores of Passamaquoddy Bay.


Northampton, UK, Est 1829

Leather Soul Featured Brand: Tricker's

In 1829 Joseph Tricker, master shoemaker, founded R.E. Tricker Ltd. Five generations later his family continues to apply the same traditional crafts and skills in the production of the world renowned “Tricker’s” shoes and boots.

Saint Crispin’s

Austria, Est 1992

Leather Soul Featured Brand: Saint Crispin's

Founded recently in 1992, Saint Crispin’s is known for their purely handmade nature. Phillip Car and his team take pride in offering hand welted men’s shoes for shoe aficionados around the world.


Germany, Est 1898

Leather Soul Featured Brand: Rimowa

In 1898, the first Rimowa case was produced in the Paul Morszeck luggage factory out of wood. For over 100 years Rimowa has been making cases that “can handle anything they’ve been asked to do.” Through expert craftsmanship, high quality materials, and precision manufacturing, the original principles upon which the company was founded are more up to date than ever. Practical ideas and well thought out and continually updated product range have made Rimowa an indispensable supplier of travel equipment and a world wide brand for traveling people.

John Lobb

London, UK, Paris, France, Est 1866

Leather Soul Featured Brand: John Lobb

John Lobb has been making the finest shoes and boots for gentlemen since 1866 in London and 1902 in Paris. Its rich heritage is reinforced by timeless qualities of craftsmanship, service and style – attributes that are now available to a wider international John Lobb audience. The company continues to maintain its bespoke shoe-making tradition in Paris, while also retaining core bespoke principles in the manufacture of its expanding ready-to-wear collection of shoes and leather goods.


Saxony, Germany, Est 1897

Leather Soul Featured Brand: Globe-Trotter

Globe-Trotter was established in 1897 by Englishman David Nelken, in Saxony Germany. The company soon returned to the UK in 1901 where it has remained ever since. Today, Globe-Trotter products are style icons adopted by purveyors of traditional craftsmanship and a timeless aesthetic.

Edward Green

Northampton, UK, Est 1890

Leather Soul Featured Brand: Edward Green

In 1890, Edward Green began to make shoes for gentlemen in a small factory in Northampton, UK. He soon gained the reputation for making the finest shoes in England for the discerning few.

Today, the high standards remain with each pair of Edward Green shoes being mostly handmade with the finest quality leather available. Each pair takes weeks to make and many skilled craftsmen are involved.

Individualized Shirts

Leather Soul Featured Brand